Since 1999, VMA is a company specialized in the manufacture of  molds,  that required high  technical requirements for plastic injection molds , for multiple industrial sectors,  that need plastic parts.

Over the years,VMA has been developing high technical expertise for mold construction , updating and monitoring industrial progress, investing in new technologies and equipment as way to  improve production and development of each mold, thus becoming current and competitive in any fields of injection molds.

Mold Technologies:

- Standard injection molds

- Injection molds for 2K and 3K, using Rotary plate, core back, transfer, inserting and overmolding.

- Rotating mold for elbow and pipe fittings

- Gas Assisted Injection for single and 2K and 3K

- Stack Molds- Sandwich, Tandem and other

- Molds construction up to a weight of 8 Tons


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