Quality System


                       - Provide an Excellence service in the area of Mold Engineering and Manufacturing.
                       - VMAMOLDES maintains a process of continuous organizational improvement, procedures and technologies, following the technological development                           and the needs of our customers.

The Vision

                     - Be a reference company, preferred by our customers.
                     - Commitment to our customers, team and suppliers.
                     - Invest in the training and satisfaction of our team, as it is the basis of our success.


Quality Policy

                         VMA is committed to training, innovation and improving working conditions, because this is the only way we will be prepared to overcome the needs                           of our customers and the demanding market in which we operate.

                         We constantly seek a Continuous Improvement in the effectiveness of our Quality Management system, respecting all internal, customer                                                 requirements, regulations and legal applicable to our sector.

                         Management focused on promoting cost reduction, ensuring cost-effectiveness and productivity levels that ensure the company‚Äôs economic and                               financial growth and sustainability.

VMA is proud to anouce that it is on the final stage of certification.